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One-on-One Critiques

A personal critique will help you to see, and integrate,
the most important elements you need to focus on.

Ian can help you clarity where your strengths are, your weaknesses, and will help you to master the fundamentals of sound representational painting. You and Ian can cover a lot of ground in an hour. A lot. He'll help you get a clear idea of how your painting is progressing as a whole, what to work on next, exercises that will address that, and new areas to explore to address your voice as an artist. You may choose to do a critique only once or if you're painting consistently at home perhaps on a regular basis. Either way you will find a one-on-one critique really expands your knowledge and understanding of how to improve as a painter.


  • Ian can point out blindspots that you keep repeating but are unaware of causing frustration with your results.
  • He can point out your strengths and magic which you can also be blind to without a fresh viewpoint to appreciate them.
  • By focusing your attention on two or three points to work on he can ensure your progress is most efficient and productive.
  • Sometimes if you can't get away to a workshop you just feel the need for more input, ideas and inspiration.
  • He will help you develop greater self-sufficiency in seeing the strengths and weaknesses of your own work so you can learn to critique yourself more effectively.


"Ian does a great critique. After our discussion I couldn't wait to get back to my studio to address the many issues we'd discussed."-CD, Spring House, PA

"Ian has not only the knowledge and skill, but the patient and generous spirit of a great teacher. It is exciting for me to continue working with him. I feel after painting on my own for several years, that now this critiquing process is the catalyst for my progress as an artist." -MA. Dallas, Texas

"Ian is a great teacher. He seems to go right to the heart of your problems and to guide you to solutions in a way that is easily and quickly understood. I have made a real breakthrough."-JS, New Hope, PA

"In the past I always felt intimidated by the critiquing process and avoided it whenever possible. Working on an individual basis with Ian recently made me aware of the frustration of living with 'painting blindspots'. In a comfortable and accepting manner, he help me to see in a new way. I felt encouraged and challenged-it was an exhilarating experience."-SV, Seattle, WA

" Ian's critiques are honest, thoughtful, and encouraging. He loves to share his passion for art."- DB, Scottsdale, AZ

"Ian is a gifted teacher, not only directing me to the fundamentals of composition and color, but to the very essence of painting for me-the personal call to create. He addresses both the sound basis of painting and the obstacles that can keep me from it."-ZH, Newport Beach, CA


You take the best quality digital images you can of 4-6 paintings you want to discuss. Email them to me along with your phone number. I will review them and email you to schedule a time for the critique. At the appointed time I will call you. I will be viewing your paintings on a monitor and you ideally will have the originals in front of you.


$150/hour USD
(please make check payable to Atelier Saint-Luc) and mail along with email address and phone number to: Ian Roberts, 12240 Dorothy St., Los Angeles, CA 90049.

If you have any questions you can leave a message using the contact form.

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