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Workshops - LA Intensive

New: LA Intensive
4 days, 4 participants February 25-28, 2019


This is new—a deep, focussed dive into making larger studio paintings. Working large forces decisions, on simplification and shape making, on nuance of color, and above all on seeing the whole while enlivening the parts. It demands stepping up, courage, boldness—qualities that bring life to a painting.

We will:

  • work from small sketches or photographs
  • review and choose an image together before you arrive
  • refine your idea and design for the painting further before beginning to paint
  • use studio techniques of underpainting, glazing and scumbling to enrich the surface quality and richness of your painting
  • look at photos of your recent work as a group for a focussed discussion for you to gain greater insight into your strengths and interests as a painter and how to actualize them
  • slide shows and discussions of many interesting artists
  • meals taken together to further discussion

The idea is to devote four really dedicated days painting one large ( 36 x 48, 48 x 48, for example) image and immerse yourself with other serious artists in owning your own creativity, making the most of your particular gifts and expanding your painting and studio skills and practices.

We will meet from 9-6 each day in the studio at my home here in Los Angeles. We’ll have lunches and dinners together with a slide show for discussion in the evening.

I am excited about the potential for this workshop to give you a new perspective and enthusiasm for your painting going forward.

Maximum number of participants: 4

Course fee: $1000

This is for intermediate and advanced painters. If you are interested please email me at ian@ianroberts.us with 6-10 photos of your recent work and a short note of what you feel most drawn to work on and/or what most hampers you’re ability to fully actualize yourself as an artist (knowing that it is something all artists are dealing with).


If you have any question, please use the contact form.