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Plein Air Painting with Ian Roberts - video cover

Plein air painting, or painting on-location usually in one go, for many is the most exhilarating painting experience. Immediate, fresh, and dynamic, the ever-changing nuances of nature become your studio.

In this video Ian Roberts shares more than 30 years experience of plein air painting. Shot in the magnificent landscape and light of Provence, France, he gives you the feeling of being with him on one of his workshops. A terrific teacher with a warm and engaging teaching style, his ability led a course participant to say: "Ian's teaching skills are phenomenal. He's able to meet a painter where there are, guide them at that level, with encouragement and precise insight."

Knowing the most common problems that can arise and the elements that must come together for a painting to work, he has crafted a one-hour video packed with knowledge, insights and tips to paint the landscape successfully en plein air.

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Plein Air Painting - DVD

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