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Learn to create great landscape paintings by improving your foundational color skills with Ian Roberts!

Mastery of color and color theory understanding are some of the most important skills to have to create successful landscape paintings. In this video workshop, Ian will help you master color to make your paintings stand out in a crowd! Ian will guide you through the use of Color Shapes (simplifying what you see into color blocks on your canvas) and Roadmap of Intentions (carefully planning and executing your composition for a good finished work). You'll learn how to accurately mix color to achieve the correct hue, value, and intensity to best portray your subject. Once you've got the basics down, paint along with Ian as he completes two simple landscape studies step-by-step to put your new painting lessons into practice.

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Preview Color: Landscape Painting Techniques for Success now to learn painting tips that will lead the viewer through your painting using color intensity to direct the eye.

To make mastering color easy, Color: Landscape Painting Techniques for Success is broken into these chapters:

  1. Design & Color
    Take a look at the landscape you're going to paint and observe the way the color shapes work together to help create a unified painting that will guide the viewer's eye through your work.
  2. Color Qualities
    Explore hue, value, and intensity, as well as temperature and palette set-up to ensure that you're able to identify and mix the colors you need for your painting.
  3. Color Mixing: Hue
    Ian will lead you through practice demonstrations mixing oil paint to achieve the color you desire. He'll also explain how to apply the same color mixing principals to watercolor and pastel.
  4. Color Mixing: Value & Intensity
    Practice mixing your colors in a variety of values and intensities to make sure you have a thorough understanding of how these elements will affect your work.
  5. Color Demo: Simple Shapes
    Learn to apply your new color mixing skills to a painting study of simple color shapes.
  6. Color Demo: Break Up Shapes
    Take the next step and apply color mixing to your painting study, adding variations in hue and intensity to break up simple shapes and add variety to your work, creating interest and leading the viewer's eye.
  7. Color Review & Wrap Up
    Ian reviews the principals covered in the workshop to ensure you have a thorough understanding of your new color techniques and mixing instruction.

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Reviews of North Light Customers

"Once again, great teacher, clear explanations, good examples and analogies!"

"Wow. I thought his other two videos were great, and so is this one. Again, he provides lots of useful information - but watching him build the color swatches and the two small demos from "color shapes" was extremely helpful. His way of simplifying the landscape by first designing a roadmap, then identifying the basic shapes, and placing them in space by using color, really helps in creating beautiful and believable paintings without struggling."

"Loved the color chip exercises! They were a challenge that made me practice my color mixing skills for value, intensity, and hue, and offer no end to the amount of times they can be repeated. Also, watching Ian talk through his paintings was eye opening. He's such a good speaker and teacher, and doesn't miss a chance to further our understanding of painting a believable landscape. One of the better videos for the beginning landscape painter...just excellent!f"

"Ian Roberts is a great teacher. This is not an overview of color in general, but shows how to apply color to painting. The exercises he recommends are very helpful. I highly recommend all of Ian Roberts' videos."

"This is packed with really useful information for the serious beginner or intermediate painter who wishes to improve their work quickly. Sometimes it's good for more advanced painters to go back to the basics. I plan to watch this several times."

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