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Hal Taliaferro on June 6, 2019

Hi Ian,

As I do have your video, Mastering Composition, how do these offered videos differ? Or do they differ?

Interesting concept to offer these instructional videos online, I would like access to them, but I think you will miss the Provencal countryside but probably not the travel, expense, and hassle of offering workshops.

I look forward to seeing these videos, and wish to you all the best.

Ian Roberts

Hi Hal,

These videos are about using drawing to develop composition skills. That way you can practise daily for 20 minutes say and not keep investing one's artistic soul in the success or failure of another painting.

I'll be sending them out in the next week or so.

Let me know what you think.

Best wishes


Mary Phillips on June 21, 2019

Hi Ian, thanks so much for the chat this morning. I believe the content of this video is great; extremely critical to creating a strong composition and ultimately a very good painting. I love that you urge us to not only practice finding the verticals in sketches but also to slow down and do this on canvas BEFORE beginning to paint. I know that I definitely need the reminder to slow down at the start of a painting and work on the basic composition. I also think the graphics and photos used are perfect and very clearly illustrate what youíre saying.

My only comments about the video itself are that I would like to see the picture plane cropped when you are speaking. There just seems to be too much grey background. And the sound quality when youíre speaking seems to echo a bit. Also, there are a few moments when the camera angle is looking at you from a semi-side view but you continue to speak to the forward=view camera.

I am very much looking forward to your upcoming videos.

Take care! Cheers, Mary

Ian Roberts


thank you for your comments on the video. I have decided to reshoot it in fact. So it is less me lecturing and more like youíre joining me in my studio. That addresses the big grey background. And Iíll wear a mike so we eliminate the echo which I hated.

Itís funny in talking with about 20 people over the last few weeks how just being excited about getting brush to canvas is really common.

Iíll be in touch soon about the pilot for the online course. I am really excited about the shape it is taking and how helpful I think it will be.

With best wishes


Nicholas Elliott on August 19, 2019

Great advice thank you Ian

Mary F on August 20, 2019

I am so sorry you are not doing any workshops in the states, I could not do the Europe tours. Do to husband having health problems he has Cll. So going over there with him being here, I could not take the stress if something happing to him. I have a few of you videos, your book just found it when cleaning up lol was going to go buy it again lol. I enjoy doing workshops because I like to see the artist up close, feel their energy, how they apply the paintI their thoughts on the subject what they are trying to achieve in the painting., ( how to achieve a mood to a seen). Yes that has a lot to do with composition. You do that more or less in a video it is not the same as in person. In plein air most people do not know how to drill down on a Seen they think they have to paint everything look forward to seeing the videos, what is the cost of them?

Ian Roberts


Iím sorry I didnít get back to you earlier. I just finished teaching an online course on composition in August. I will be sending the two part mastering composition videos in the next few days. They are free.

With best wishes, Ian.

Elizabeth Sanchez on October 25, 2019

Great content on this free video. I have my homework for tomorrow finding verticals & horizontals and where they intersect and where the center of interest falls. Itís like rehearsal before the the play on canvas. Thank you so much.