Creative Authenticity

16 Principles to Clarify and Deepen Your Artistic Vision

A book about inner exploration and asking the questions each one of us needs to address if our work is to be deep, true and meaningful.

Creative Authenticity

ISBN: 978-0972872324
Publisher: Atelier Saint Luc Press
List Price: $15.95 USA
Publishing date: 2004

Creative Authenticity by Ian Roberts

All Great Art is Authentic

Connecting to your own authentic core will fill you and your work with strength and relevance.

To those engaged in making art, an authentic voice is the most crucial yet most difficult ability to come by. Why does so much conspire to hide what is ultimately the closest, simplest thing of all?

Creative Authenticity outlines 16 principles that will help you peel back the fears, misconceptions, “shoulds” and confusion around courageous creative expression.

You’ll discover:

  • you are more than creative enough
  • talent has little to do with your success
  • the van Gogh syndrome is one of the most destructive myths of what it takes to creative
  • the dance of avoidance upon arriving in the studio is inevitable- learn to see through it and begin
  • the necessity of finding a truthful relationship with your work so it feeds you, not torments you

Table of Contents


  1. Searching for Beauty
  2. Communication
  3. Your Home Turf
  4. The van Gogh Syndrome
  5. Your Craft, Your Voice
  6. Showing Up
  7. The Dance of Avoidance
  8. Full-time or Part-time
  9. Follow Something Along
  10. Wagon Train and Scout
  11. Working Method
  12. Limits Yield Intensity
  13. Being Ready to Show
  14. You Are More than Creative Enough
  15. Finding Poetry in the Everyday
  16. Holding the Big Picture  Conclusion


Book Reviews

“… could help readers in a big way if they’ve run into personal and practical obstacles in their efforts towards creative expression.”
Book News

“His highly readable and honest pieces offer spare, direct insights that are timeless and resonant for artists in any medium.”
Fearless Reviews

“This how-to gold mine contains valuable suggestions for bringing any original idea into form in the tangible world and offers great reading too.”
New Age Retailer

“Enthusiastically recommended reading for anyone wanting to engage in their own artistic aspirations, Creative Authenticity transcends its focus upon painting to serve as an inspirational guide t artists of all mediums.”
Midwest Book Review

Unsolicited Reader’s Comments

“This afternoon your Creative Authenticity arrived at my front door. I have just finished an absolutely startling four hours reading it front to back — no doubt the first of many many reading to come. And now I will find room on my bedside table for you most excellent, inspiring and insightful exploration of “the process”.

“I just read the book, Creative Authenticity, again for the second time in two weeks. I’m not in the habit of immediately rereading books, even the ones I enjoy very much. This one is different. Different, I think, because it resonates so deeply in me, expressing so simply those thing I have felt and yearned to express over the forty years I have been a painter.”

“I have been profoundly inspired by your book. By helping me connect to my own authentic voice, you’ve helped me deepen my connection to life. Thank you.”

“I have just finished reading your wonderful book, Creative Authenticity, in one sitting. As an illustrator and artist for over thirty years I have been struggling with many of the very issues you addressed in your book. I want to thank you for your honest, precise insights and recommendations.”

“I just wanted to write and tell you I just finished your book and am immediately starting it again! It is great and inspirational. Thank you so much.”

“It was a wonderful read. Thank you.”

“I want to let you know how successfully you have captured the essence of what painting is all about and what the inner feelings are while painting and the absolute ‘high’ when it all comes together. Thank you for putting the process into words. I couldn’t put the book down.”

“Thank you for your wonderful book. I have read it four times and will continue to read it. I have read so many art books in the past few years and yours is the best. It isn’t a ‘how-to’ book but more a ‘why’ book and you have truly pegged the drive and spirit that makes one want to create art.”

“I wanted to thank you for laying out the principles of creativity and integrating your thoughts into such a well-rounded and intelligent whole. There probably isn’t a page without underlined pencil markings, and I am re-reading it again. Please keep on writing on the creative process and authenticity. This is so necessary, hearing from an artist with experience, passion, sound judgment, and intelligence.”

“Your words are straightforward, encouraging and extremely helpful. You put into words many things that I often feel but can never find anyone to understand.”

“I just read non-stop your book, Creative Authenticity, and just loved it. Over the past year I have been reading and studying creativity in an effort to define, refine and develop my artistic style. Your book is the best I have read.”

“I want to thank you for writing Creative Authenticity. I read it over a three-day period. I have been on many extended silent meditation retreats, and I want to you to know that your book took me to that quiet, centered place each time I picked it up to read. Thank you.”

“Read Creative Authenticity-just excellent! Probably the best, most practical I’ve read.”

“I just finished your book and wanted to thank you for your insight, inspiration and encouragement. I know I will continue to reread your book many times, as I seek to reach deeper into the richness of the creative process. Thank you.”

“Creative Authenticity-it’s like reading poetry.”

“Every word was so chosen that I found myself highlighting everything. It hit on every topic about which I question. Found so much in your book that was worth hearing.”

“I just finished Creative Authenticity. Integral, holistic, sage and inspirational.”

“I just finished Creative Authenticity and I think it’s one of the seminal books on art philosophy and practice. I’ve placed it on my shelf beside The Art Spirit by Robert Henri and Hawthorn on Painting. Your book has provided much encouragement and practical advice. Thank you.”

“I’ve read and underlined and reread your book Creative Authenticity and it reminded me to let you know how it has become the most influential book in my art library. It is a constant inspiration.”

“Thanks for such a thought-provoking book.”


Creative Authenticity

ISBN: 978-0972872324