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FREE monthly video series on
Mastering Composition

On the first Tuesday of each month Ian Roberts shares a 10 minutes video on some aspect of composition and how it is playing a foundational role in your painting.

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I have decided after twenty-five years of teaching plein air workshops to stop. Instead I will teach an online course focussing on mastering composition — the underlying structure and design of your painting.

Although everyone loves workshops in Provence or Tuscany or Taos, most students in my experience have a major shift towards seeing and painting the world as color shapes. But I often help them with the composition— the major shapes of the painting and how they fit together on the picture plane Seeing and drawing that they say is what they really need to learn.

The online courses can I think remedy this by offering short, step-by-step video lessons, which incrementally develop a specific idea or skill, then several days to practise and integrate it, before watching a new video, and continuing with more practise. Each lesson builds on the last.

For students that really want to make progress and make the best use of their time to dramatically and consistently improve their painting then this, in my experience, is the best approach.

If you are already on my email list I will send you information when the courses are finished, probably in the fall of 2019. If you are not on my email list, click on the free video button on my home page. There you can watch a free short video on a fundamental principle of sound composition.

From there you can watch another two-part free video course on mastering composition. I will send you an email when the online course is ready.

Until then, may your brushes be light and free.