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Mastering composition - book cover

Mastering Composition
Format: 144 page full color hardcover with 40 minute instructional online video
ISBN: 978-1581809244
Publisher: North Light Books
Publishing Date: 2008
List Price: $29.99

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Composition makes or breaks every painting.

Whether you paint figurative or abstract, still life or landscapes, all great paintings have one thing in common-strong composition. Without it even the most compelling subject will lack drama and cohesion, regardless of medium.

Ian Roberts utilizes more than 40 years of painting and teaching experience to show you, step-by-step, how to build great compositions every time.

Whether you're an advanced painter troubleshooting a specific problem or a beginner looking for a basic comprehensive foundation to start your studies, the proven methods in this book will dramatically improve the way you paint.

Inside the book

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Seek Strong Abstract Shapes

Search Out the Composition

Plan big masses when you paint

Plan big masses when you paint

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Mastering Composition - The book · ISBN: 978-1581809244

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